SFE sfe corporation limited

will be taken over by asx, page-2

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    G'day jermaynew,

    You seem very certain? Do you have any information or is it a hunch/opinion?

    I mentioned here a couple of weeks back that an acquaintance who used to have a seat on the Futures Exchange and now holds a lot of SFE shares reckons that ultimately the ASX will takeover the SFE. He also said that they will not get it cheap as SFE is paying good dividends to the holders and it will take quite a bit to dislodge them from their positions.

    I believe there would also be some regulatory issues to be resolved. (ACCC?).

    He said that the ASX had been trying to create some products that compete with SFE offerings, in an attempt to keep the value in SFE down, but had not been very successfull.

    All the above is purely second hand opinions and should be treated as such.

    I would be very interested to hear what you know.

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