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    I posted this the other day in the wrong forum and didn't bother re-posting, but after hearing the horrible little man today I will. Why does he get to hold a press conference about this issue of cows? Who cares what he thinks? Where was he when 50 people drowned on Thursday Island?

    Isn't it great - win a seat in downtown Tasmania on preferences and become a player in everything.

    Spot the difference between this:

    Federal independent MP Andrew Wilkie has confirmed he will vote against phasing in an excise on liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Mr Wilkie says the tax hike threatens to cripple the Tasmanian taxi industry.

    and this:

    I mean, I've got a zinc works in my own electorate of Denison. It exports 95 per cent of its production, employs 600 people. While I want decisive action on climate change, I don't want those 600 people out of a job.

    and then this:

    Mr Wilkie says the live export industry should be banned within 3 years and exports to Indonesia should be stopped immediately.

    The Australia
    ABC 7.30
    The Australian

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