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The options offer a chance to take some cash off the table now...

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    The options offer a chance to take some cash off the table now and retain the same percentage investment in the technology. Anyone that doubts the SP will rise with a probable increase in sales should sell out now anyway. If there is no increase in sales and profitability then the fully paid will eventually be of no value anyway.

    Leverage and risk are the two factors to be considered. I have handled it the way I see best (for me at least) is to sell heads, spend half on options and take the rest off the table to be reinvested in another spec. This way I have potentially increased my holding and spread the risk. Time will tell if it was the correct way to go.

    Sold EDE at 4.7c Bought 2 X EDEOB at .009 and took 2.6c + off the table.

    Maybe those with doubts should switch to TAS where there are at least other irons in the fire and still have an interest in Edencrete.

    It is variating doubt that creates volatility, Volatility creates opportunity.

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