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why would you do it

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    very well amigos.I CAN SAY THIS MUCH,when a person is sure of a stock he sure as hell aint gonna wait for a ramper or a cayote to get to his prey first.I'd like to say more but being a political analyst I can only say what can be interpreted as a two way bet,for those that know the stock know no fear,but those that dont and rely on gossip can exit couse there is always someone ready to catch the ball.when ayo was trading in the fourty's my interpretation at the time was WHEN THE GOING GETS TOUGH THE TOUGH GETS GOING.HOW TRUE IN MOST CASES, BUT A DAM SHAME .AYO IS HERE TO STAY SO AMIGOS TAKE A SIT AND ENJOY THE RIDE HOME BEFORE XMASS.AND AM SURE A MERRY PROFITABLE XMASS TO YOU AMIGOS.DONT FORGET MIDNITE MASS NOW.please do your own research.as for turkey you can sure sleep under the stars.
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