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why would castlepines even get involved

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    This is doing my head in, we all agree that there is a 50-50 chance that this deal will/will not go through.
    Why on earth Castlepines will get involved in the first place, surely they must have done their homework and are very serious to sign a deal, they are offering $110m over a 12 year investment [ and 33% of the company ] not 50c, the announcement also said that both parties are in favour of the deal, I think DML should have given them 30 not 90 days, that is way too much, but have a feeling that patience will reward share holders this time, so where this will go with a deal sealed....20-30c, that is quite a significant % gain, if not back to 1c, so I bought 3m shares today at 3.3c, I either will turn $99k to $30k at 1c, a loss of $69k or let's be conservative and say this will go to 20c if deal is reached, then my investment will be standing @ $600k, so a loss of $69k or a gain of $501k .....will I have a good night sleep during the next 88 nights, HELL NO, but once again there is that 50% chance that I can reap that reward at the end of it all.....we shall see but CASTLEPINES ARE NOT STUPID, tried to contact them today about the matter but could not discuss the matter at this stage.....12 years from now the price of copper can be twice what it is now and they will be having the last laugh and so will I ......good luck to all share holders and think positive and do not be fooled by the everyday's action.
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