Why would anyone be in the market?

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    I'm in it up to my neck - but I'd be hard pressed to say why. Consider.

    1. US markets in a widow-dressing phase. US stocks despite a two year slide are still overvalued.

    2. Gigantic bail-out (a US joe-public rip-off), for a handful of US banks exposed to Brasilian debt. The 30 billion will allow Brasil to pay its debt interest for about 18 months - then what?

    3. The US administration found with their fingers in the till - both sides - Republican and Democrat.

    4. US corporate fraud rampant - tip of the iceberg currently in view.

    5. Mounting US debt, at all levels public/corporate/private.

    6. Massive US current account deficit. Unpayable.

    7. Weak US dollar only stopped from slide by massive importation of foreign money. Over 1billion per day required to sustain it.

    8. 10 interest rate cuts in succession failing to get the US moving. Historical record.

    9. ....... I can't go on ..... it's all too whacko
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