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why worry more to come yet

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    I can't see what's all the fuzz with directors net selling etc. They're doing exactly the same thing to what we're doing which taking some profit off the table after all the hard work they put in to find a major gas discovery and become instant millionaire overnight, so why not sell some shares and splash out on the family.

    If you're worrying about market cannot absorb the selling then don't worry about it as instos will start buying and I won't be surprise to see some US funds buying in as well. There were nearly 41.5 millions shares traded today and nearly 4.4 millions shares are gone through at $1.20 and yet we still close only 6.5c from today high of $1.265. Today volume and the last few days upside turnover tell be a few dollars for GDN is realistic.

    Oh, just ignore those posters still trying to talk the price down as they're still going to make noise when GDN at $5. Have fun.
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Currently unlisted public company.

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