Why women shouldn't write advice columns

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    Why women should’t write advice columns

    Dear Abby
    I hope you can help me. The other day our house caught fire. It was hopeless. We called the fire brigade but they arrived too late to be of any use. My wife and I managed to escape with our lives but all our possessions were lost.
    Unfortunately, we have no house and contents insurance and so we have been left destitute.
    My wife was so distraught she burst into tears and spent 5 minutes in the arms of our neighbour’s young son sobbing uncontrollably.
    I am at wit’s end wondering where we go from now. We have no resources other than a few hundred dollars in the bank. How do we get our lives back in order again? My wife is suffering from depression and is going downhill fast.
    Can you help please?
    Sincerely, John

    Dear John
    Some women can be sexually attracted to much younger men at times. It may mean nothing at all. Just a momentary lapse maybe. However, it may be more serious. How is your marriage? Are your wife’s needs being met? Are you doing your share of the cooking and house-cleaning? Today’s marriages are built on equality and if you have been modelling your role on that of your father, you may not be keeping up with today’s trends.
    I would suggest a few sessions with a marriage counsellor.
    I hope this helps.
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