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    As a GUNNS (GNS) shareholder, I am quite familiar with all sorts of GREEN attacks on GNS, particularly in the last General Election (2001), but I never really care what they say on GNS, because I know all their attacks will never affect GNS earnings per share by a mere 0.1 cent. So I even voted GRENN in the last Election in sympathy of their opinions of the War and refugees.

    I am confident (according to my own simple calculations) that GNS e/s will increase from 43c/s last year to ~65 c/s this year (2001-02) and more next year and the year after ..., and the GNS price moved from ~$4 to $~7 at present. So, HC folks, if the GNS slumps, it is a greatest chance to BUY!!!


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Currently unlisted public company.

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