Why there will be no spill...

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    1) The Coalition understand that the Voters elected Tony Abbott in 2013 as Prime Minister, so it would be plain stupid and suicidal to ditch an elected PM. (the ALP didn't understand that)

    2) The Coalition fully understand that if they were silly enough to dump the elected leader...they may be in the same position as the ALP were after dumping Rudd and replacing him with the dud Gillard, they then found they had to replace the replacement dud with the previous dud.

    3) Malcolm Turnbull won't challenge, because if he lost he can kiss his political career goodbye forever...too late for that...too much Super to come.

    4) Julie Bishop doesn't want the job.

    5) It is only two back bench nobody's with an axe to grind that want to pursue a spill.

    6) The coalition realise that Australians voted the ALP out because the ALP were confused about who they wanted to be their leader and still don't know...they do not want to be tarred with the same brush.

    7) This is a lefty media beat up and nothing more...
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