SRX 0.00% $33.55 sirtex medical limited

why the surge?

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    G'Day all.

    I missed todays session but have since sat down to digest the information.

    Tell me if I'm missing something, but has SRX gone in the last couple of weeks from around $4 to $5.64 ($5.94 intraday) on what I'd describe as no news of any substance. This sought of behaviour always stumps us fundamentalists. Anyway I'm not complaining or anything, but an announcement better come out quick to back all this up!!.

    It must be an anxious time for those contemplating taking a position in the stock...."Do you get in before say $7 or will it get thumped back to $4???."

    I must admit I'm glad I already have a position I am happy with. Also the general feel seems to be that $7 is approaching and not $4.

    Any thoughts out there?

    Cheers all


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