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    re: Ir Jones-why the sell off?? Is the sell off due to Tax loss sellers, those Stale Bulls maybe who were slow getting out .
    CRS has potential increases in gold resources and reserves going for it yet the company does not release 'Warren Buffett' style NPV figures of it's assets per share, that is ' NPV Cash Flow' , therefore only speculation on that front can be used by investors .
    Also why do people talk about and seem to give the impression of favouring companies which do not make much profit after tax as compared to their fully diluted market capitalisation .
    Was it not the case that the Dot coms rose real fast if they did not make any profits, what happens to logic ?
    HDR is another one which never ceases to amaze me . How that share has not crashed I do not know.
    There must be many 'Visionary or Dreaming' investors and for their sakes I hope they are correct.
    Gold is different , it tends to be master of it's own destiny, in my opinion it is the only money there is and it never prostitutes itself and it never renages and it stands alone. Currency is comprised of 2 items , a piece of paper for 1 and a promise from a government 2, and look what that promise can be worth . When the US $ was convertible to Gold the US $ had clarity , now it promises to pay 1 US$ , what is the good of that ?
    Look at the German currency what a mess , an unmitigated disaster and how it renaged and became worthless, not wort the paper it was written on.
    The Japanese Government is now worrying Japanese banking depositors as far as I can see.The Japanese economy is not as soundly based in pure economic term as the US economy the latter being basically agrarian and mineral based.
    I like to look at Gold when nobody likes it and there is no talky talky about it.Then I will be ready for another Run.
    The US$ looks to me as if it has rolled over and will be in a bear market for a long time or until a decent size fall takes place whichever is the sooner.
    The US share markets are still vastly overvalued according to 'Warren Buffett' and he should know so the US$ buyers way back who used to buy USA shares will not be there buying US $ so the currency will be weaker from their disappearance etc.
    I am not advising anyone I have been told I have been wrong before and I am not arguing with that,and in all truth everybody should carry out their own research so do NOT listen to me.
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