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why the negativity?

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    There is alot negativity around HC at the moment. Hadas hit the nail on the head... when you start to see the negatives come out its a signal to buy.. when you see the orders stacked in the sell side etc.. when you look at the sell stack and think geez its never gonna get past that think again.. when you see CLEAR manipulation of the SP etc.. Is it evident the sell down has been manufactured? Absolutely. Are there panic sellers? A few. Why?... when we went from 1.6 to 1.2 was there a mad rush to sell? NO. Was there a progressive sell down in large orders. YES. IMO this was an organised sell down for what reason to shake out the traders/panicked holders�

    Dont be naive as to the posters on these forums. These forums are patrolled for sentiment and emotion alot more then people think.

    For the long termers and even the short termers there is only upside from here.. We know this!... What have we achieved since February?.. Evidently alot and the product is getting out on shelves and marketing has progressed� Why the negativity now when the product is getting on shelves� Why not when the company was apparently doing nothing??

    Yes i also see the last announcement as a delay but also quite a few steps forward... People who have been on PNO for a long time only know this game too well.. But when you are RELAUNCHING a product you only have once shot. I am more then happy for delays to ensure a successful product launch. I am talking from someone who owns a stack of Options so a delay is NOT in my favor to convince me to convert. However, long term success of the product is a (one of the) priority to me... Getting the options in the money right now would be a bonus that im only too happy to welcome!!

    IF the SP was still around the 1.6 cent mark we would not have these negative posters.

    Dont read into my posts as i am CLEARLY bias. Have a lovely night.
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