Why science and the Bible don't agree, page-96

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    "The way to life is not in the footsteps of counterfeit messiahs and so-called manifestations of God. It is only in the footsteps of Christ. He is the way, the truth and the life. No man can come to God or gain life except through him. He gained this position by his ransom sacrifice. It bought back the right to human life. - John 14:6"

    That is only a claim, particularly the bolded sentence.
    Do you have any evidence to support it ?
    As you know, quoting the source of something as evidence for itself is bogus .. as far as evidence goes.

    On the other hand there is plenty of evidence to show that the fruit of the actions of those who have used this myopic claim of exclusive access to the Creator of the Universe, cannot possibly be reconciled with all else that is known about what Jesus brought and wished for Humanity.

    So far, Bahai' in general has a clean slate and reasonable reputation regarding "First, do no harm.", wouldn't you say ?
    Time will tell how that experiment progresses since all religions start in a positive way.
    IMO it won't bring Humanity together under the one stream as that is clearly not possible for the time being. However, it may continue to make a positive difference in the life of individuals and certain communities.

    So, what's the problem ? Why do you feel threatened ?

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