Seriously 'Bible' (why would you pick such a nic is beyond me)...

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    Seriously 'Bible' (why would you pick such a nic is beyond me) ......where did you dig up this doosey? Seems that anyone who agrees with the Creation account is a "fundamentalist" and thereby deserves ridicule. Then you add the "swine" comment along with any disagreement with your choice of a so called "teacher" would designate them as fools!

    As a Christian  there is one place where I will not hold back from naming "false teachers" and that is where you  deal so with the written account of Creation given to Moses on Mt Sinai!! Who is the fool then! Have you ever considered that there are a lot of Christian scientists out there who are learned in their vocation and do not hold to the pathetic theory that Darwin dreamed up!

    It's not about science at all, it's about wealth and reputation and about egos that this bit of scientific stupidity has survived. They support it because this so called "science" supports them.

    I suggest you get your head out of such vain deception and get it into the Scriptures and seek the Truth before you find yourself facing Him and He says to you ".........depart from Me you worker of iniquity I never knew you" Luke 13:27

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