Why science and the Bible don't agree, page-151

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    It seems appropriate that this thread title should now be changed to ..

    "Why Different Interpretations of the Bible Don't Agree."
    Addendum 1:
    Even between those who regard it as the inerrant word of God.

    Science does not even get a look in. Nor should it. Scientists in general are only aware of their own version of reality, unlike the faithful who are only interested in their own version of reality !

    By way of background regarding the inescapable fact that humans can have completely different .. but appropriate for them, views of something, I offer God's (through His servant Nature)  simplest lesson in compatible difference.

    Those males lucky enough to be married/in long term cohabitation, to a member of the opposite sex, ie a female, can draw on their experience of how this is analogous to why that suave but casual outfit you just slipped on for this evening's outing is greeted with  "Is that what you're planning to wear ?".

    By "opposite sex" I'm deferring to Nature's overwhelmingly popular and unambiguous version, so genuine hermaphrodites are excused. Those in relationships with members of the same sex are also excused because they should agree on everything and so miss out on the thrill of trying to live with an alien. (No doubt a prime reason for their desire for familiarity of view and purpose.)

    As OP, it's now up to @Bible to give his approval or not for a thread title change.

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