"Copper, you reject the Scriptures as inspired of God. It both...

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    "Copper, you reject the Scriptures as inspired of God. It both says it is and provides evidence due to it being scientifically accurate, being made available to all seekers of truth in spite of opposition by powerful religious and political organizations and its being able to accurately foretell the future. "

    Not quite accurate. I reject claims that the whole Bible is the inerrant word of the Creator of the Universe.
    In this particular case the claim that Jesus is the only way to God.
    As support for the erroneous nature of that claim I cited the incompatibility of what is known about what Jesus brought and wished for humanity versus the actual fruits of that pernicious exclusiveness.

    I have investigated most of the claims you mention about why the Bible should be accepted as the word of God and let's just say we have very different criteria for gauging evidence. For example, claims of scientific accuracy or availability to all seekers as evidence, or so called accurate prophecies. These are at best recognition of the cyclic nature of Man and events. In other cases more likely deliberate massaging of stories, retrospective pigeon holing, viewed with standard confirmation bias and wishful thinking.

    The simple fact is that the Jews did not and do not accept that Jesus was their Messiah. They have their reasons for this. Just because Christians claim to know better in their arrogant exclusive way, does not make it so.

    Why don't Christians just accept that Jesus was their Messiah and saviour, offer that view to others and leave it to them to decide.

    "(1 John 5:19) We know that we originate with God, but the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.
    Don't let him claim you as his victim Copper."

    The above is an example of the type of threats that many Christians resort to and then pretend is merely a concerned warning. A favourite of RM and others.
    It is like a child threatening someone with the bogey man from their own nightmare.
    Can you offer any sensible reason why I should be concerned about it when there is already a real journey that needs to be undertaken ?

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