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    Hi Kambiz999

    I appreciate the body of works that Baha'i have regarding their texts that are independent but there is a lineage or chain of progression of religion acknowledge by the faith and as we have discussed in particular the Shite line and some of the authenticated hadiths that are accepted as integral parts of this progressive faith.

    With respect to the noble virtue of science it has only been this century that researches using modern satellite technology and GPS co ordinates have discovered that in the first 100 years all the Mosques from Iran to India and even China so those of Prophet Mohammad and encompassing most of the first four caliphs all these early Masjids their Qiblas point toward one city and that is not Mecca not Medina nor Jerusalem but in Jordan in the now abandoned city of temples that we call Petra.

    There is nothing within the total body of Islamic works that even can come close to account for this archaeological discrepancy using modern technology the history of Islam has been conclusively proven to be a false narrative.

    How do you think this will impact Baha'i faith considering its progressive nature and the fact that the symbol of the Baha'i star has lost a lot of its points.

    Obviously please do not feel the need to answer this question in this forum I will provide a link to obtain a PDF of this research but I believe with modern science and the use of satellite and GPS technology Islam as what is portrayed in its entire opus of work has been invalidated.

    How will this impact the Baha'i in your opinion and please consult with your learned colleagues, considering one of the prominent chains of progressive religions or points on its star is now shown to be no longer true?

    I understand its confronting but take some time to review the material 

    Thanking you kindly for your answers to my questions and your time Kambiz999 my friend.




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