"In your view what would it mean to observe the phrase "by their...

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    "In your view what would it mean to observe the phrase "by their fruits he shall know them". Perhaps a few examples may help."

    I think the phrase was meant to be "By their fruits ye shall know them."
    IMO one of the indispensable principles and practices for life.

    In general it means that when assessing the worth of a method or idea or claim of rightness, look at the actual results rather than what the results "should be".
    Not popular when it shines the torch of reality on the hopes, dreams and wishful thinking of naive people in any area of life. Even less popular to those who use those naive wishes of people for their own ends. Religionists are experts.

    The war against drugs is a simple secular example.
    The aim is to reduce drug use.
    Therefore "the war" should reduce drug use.
    After many, many years, it hasn't .. au contraire.
    Any sensible person would accept this and look for another way because clearly the issue that "the war" addresses is not the real issue.
    Does that happen ?
    Politicians ,"guided" by morally rigid religionists ensure that no real progress is mad.

    The fruits of the Christian claim that Jesus is the ONLY way to God is another glaring example.
    Jesus himself often cites this claim as the most difficult he must pay for and redress during his next attempt to bring some sanity to Humans.

    Not only does this "Christian" claim NOT bring others to God, but it increases Human division and the destruction of others who for whatever reason, are unable to comply with the views and demands of Christians.
    Islam doesn't do any better.

    At least the Jews by insisting on a Jewish sense of humour and "racial" purity, limit the damage of exclusivity.

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