Why no war on dirty comercial jet fuel or shipping?

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    In Aus we concern ourselves over the burning of a relatively small by world standards amount of coal.

    World wide fuel consumption by comercial airlines in 2019 has been estimated to be approaching 400 billion litres and growing year on year.

    ref: https://www.statista.com/statistics/655057/fuel-consumption-of-airlines-worldwide/

    And what of the entire worlds container shipping burning some of the dirtiest fuel in the world .. the dregs of oil refineries ... over 7 million barrels a day of the crud and each year emmitting 260 times sulpher oxide (20 million tonnes) than the worlds entire car fleet?(2009 data)
    Since that time there has been a massive expansion of container shipping world wide.
    Would it now be over 10 billion barrels a day? I suspect so.


    The lefts concern of a small amount of coal burning in Aus is IMO misplaced and indeed hypocrytical given they through consumer purchases and personal travel support the above mentioned goliath polluters.

    Something to think about when they try to crucify Lib folk who would support coal as being part of a stable source of energy in this country.
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