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why no pilot project?

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    Why no small scale project.

    Coastal town with X amount of homes that 1-2 ceto units can power, link to generator onshore, connect to power grid, job done first town to be power by 100% clean wave energy.

    This could have been paned for long ago with a location suited for a ceto 3 size unit and since the success of full scale ceto 3 tests, installation well on its way.
    Government would donate/sell or long term lease land new units ordered if more than 1 ceto needed, installation of ceto anchor pionts, ceto 3 test unit and off the shelf generator being installed now. Finished and providing power by years end.

    A Ceto system commercially providing power is what all those countries and states with sites already assessed and approved for instillation are waiting for.

    How many private Islands owned by the mega rich are there in the world or island resorts.

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