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Potential FutureThis part is more forward thinking on potential...

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    Potential Future

    This part is more forward thinking on potential direction Mogul could go and that I don’t think would be out of the question but would really need the Alliance partnership to meet or exceed target and the more teams/partners along with users the easier it gets - just like a snowball going down a hill. However please take it with a grain of salt as I am only a simple holder/observer and play no part on the direction of the company on the matters that follow which is in no particular order but probably more in order of likelihood (my opinion);

    1. Signingstreamers as partners – Streamers usually individuals that will stream them playing games and entertain people some of these streamers have millions of followers so this is a for them to also achieve a recurring revenue stream which is oh so important.

    2. Playerscreating their own tournaments – Similar to the streamers but if someone wanted to host tournaments by themselves for a game they love then they could I give it lower rank over the streamers as they would have the audience reach but it can also be a nice way to kick start someone’s streaming career J.

    3. Expandinginto other regions – Already on the platform they are going to target North America (another huge eSports region)

    4. Obtainingsponsorships/advertisers – This can be from multi-national companies who want to get brand awareness across many different regions, currently Mogul has released in Asia, ANZ and soon Europe thanks to Alliance deal. We can also target tournaments and emails to specific games and or regions for them or companies that only operate in certain regions. These companies can be anyone from Technology companies (AMD, Intel etc) to other non-endemic brands that sponsor esports already or may want to in the future (food, Telcos, Banks (already do overseas), cars, clothing – really anyone who wants to target predominantly males aged 15-40 which I have heard are the hardest to market to as they tend not to watch much commercial TV, read newspapers etc.

    5. Matchmaking games/tournaments – Currently there is no rank specific tournaments by doing so would allow people of similar skill to vs each other rather than having stronger player vs a weaker one.

    6. Advertisingnew release games – With game developers when they release a game there is a couple of hurdles they may have, one how do we advertise to players that are playing a similar game (Fortnite & Apex or CS & COD) but also getting users engagement and retention. This is something I can see Mogul assist with as Mogul requires the users to link their game accounts so can easily pull up a list of gamers that play a similar game for us to market their new game and having a tournament ran with their launch would also help with user activity which can lead into user retention as not just try the game and move one – especially with how games are seeming to go free with either pay to win (or hard to win as a free user – e.g. Hearthstone) or paid cosmetic items (Apex, Fortnite, League of Legends). Again doesn’t have to be ‘expensive’ for the developer on prizes such as Hearthstone giving away free packs of cards or unlocking a skin.

    7. Gambling – This one might be a bit touchy and would need a lot of careful consideration, however if done correctly I cannot see why there wouldn’t be a facility to bet on professional matches and maybe even amateur matches. It would have a lot of red tape and need to be careful not to expose this to the younger audience on the platform.

    8. MogulInternational – International event hosted by Mogul where thousands of gamers are able to come and view pro and amateur gamers compete.

    9. Integrationof Mogul into games – game developers these days are looking at ways to integrate with Twitch easier if there is a demand I cannot see how integration into games wouldn’t be considered.

    10. Developingamateur eSports league across the world – Similar to traditional sports there could be a potential for them to create a league where players/teams of similar skill level can join to play a ‘season’ for a small fee similar to local sporting clubs.

    Regions listed on the Mogul platform;

    Behind red marks are my usernames of the games and in the url is my username on mogul but shows you the link/marketing that mogul can do J.

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