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Recent staffThere has been two recent and notable staff members...

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    Recent staff

    There has been two recent and notable staff members who have joined Mogul being Jamie Skella as Chief Strategy and Commercial Officer (18th February 2019) but also one that hasn’t been announced Mayo (sorry don’t know name) who is the Art Director (7 th May 2019).

    Jamie CV looked impressive at the time and also game from the professional gaming scene before it was like it is today.So he understands the pain points of teams and players but also connections.I know it isn’t just Jamie but would assume that he has been instrumental in doing the signings however as mentioned earlier there is Legacy, Avant, Melbourne Melee, Australian Esports League and now Alliance (top 25 international team by prize money won).As there wasn’t any signings that I know of prior to his arrival as the platform was really untested.

    However someone that hasn’t gotten an announcement as yet and probably won’t as it but I think can have a huge impact is Mayo.He has done some spectacular work with major sporting (Collingwood Magpies) but also with major eSports teams, game developer (Ubisoft) and a major international event being Dreamhack.

    At first it might seem insignificant but I would suspect his role is to help with engagement though the use of his graphics for not only Mogul but also when someone sponsors a tournament and also for the partners with their Mogul activities – this would also be like a value added service for even smaller teams who might not be able to afford a great artist but are using Mogul with their fans.

    Mayo’s work;

    Other related links;

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