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    My experience as a user on Mogul

    I had personally always been into gaming from the very early days of Wolf 3D (was way too young to actually play it but I did) and others like Mega Man and Jill of the Jungle but even Solitaire and Minesweeper.However as I got older and the games developed more I also grew with them.

    I started playing World of Warcraft and was actually pretty good in the tier one raiding scene getting server firsts and to get this is no easy feature.I have continued gaming but not as much as I once did however I have never really been a top player. As an example I played League of Legends and the highest rank I reached was Platinum (think it is top 10% of players) so it wasn’t easy to get but at the same time I don’t know if I would get much higher than that as I’m getting older but also cannot spend as much time playing.So I guess you can say I’m an above average gamer but long way from professionally (usually top 0.1% of players).

    I thought since I have invested in the company I should also experience it first-hand to see if I want to be here for the long haul or if this is a flop.I started playing a couple of days after the Silver Slam started as I was seeing what I could play as it was really an Asia tournament.I could of played League of Legends but it would be on the Asia server so I would have lag issues but also I would need to unlock the champions I know really well which would cost money or time.However I did find a game I could play that I hadn’t played much of or played for many many years (~July 2014) being Hearthstone (like a card game).

    Hearthstone was also good as it has a bit of luck involved so it isn’t entirely on skill, so I jumped into my first tournaments expecting to be beaten like some 5 year old kid and let’s say I did.For the whole tournament my win rate was about 10%– I really really sucked.

    However from this Silver Slam event I was able to get myself a new razer keyboard as you got points for each tournament you played along with other things. Fast forward to now and well my win rate has improved to now be 34% but if we removed my original stats I am now at ~40% (280 / 111).

    However one thing that came apparent on this journey was that I have hardly played League of legends since joining Mogul.So what Mogul has done indirectly was to take an average gamer from a game that he would play 3 nights a week average (with multiple games) to a completely different game.

    Last time I played League of Legends was 31st March 2019;

    Not only has Mogul done this for Blizzard but also I have spent money on Hearthstone (never did before) just over $100 – this helped me get a better win rate and justified it as I got a free keyboard + cash I have received from Mogul- keyboard costs $169 at JB.

    This was certainly not my intentions when I started competing on Mogul even with being a shareholder – however I have increased my holding as this can be really powerful stuff for game developers too.

    Example of my rewards history

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