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Why is there going tobe a lot of interest in Mogul this weekThe...

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    Why is there going tobe a lot of interest in Mogul this week

    The interest really comes of the Alliance announcement on the 16th May 2019 but more so in the detail of what they are targeting at doing.

    Both Alliance and Mogul are going to share a target of 100,000 subscribers by Q3 2020.The target I think is reasonable as they have 2.2M fans but even with 100,000 subscribers this will provide a total revenue of $6,000,000 or 3M each.Even if they fell 50% short they would still both be earning of 1.5M each but if they exceed by 50% then we are talking 4.5M each – gets crazy.

    However it wouldn’t just be that IF they are able to achieve this it will make it really easy Mogul to sign up even more eSports teams as they are always after funding and this provides them with an almost guaranteed revenue stream but even other benefits such as engagement with their fans without having to cost a lot of money for the prizes either – such as 1 on 1 mentoring session with a pro player or coach or even be a member on their for a couple of practise/training games so they can experience what it is like being a part of a pro team.

    The also mention there is a very active pipeline, which hopefully you can understand by now and are confident on more contracts coming through.

    IF we were to extrapolate the Alliance target/deal the revenue numbers can start to look absolutely amazing.

    Number of teams

    Mogul’s Revenue p.a. on 100k

    Each team’s revenue on 100k








    $3,000,000 x 2




    $3,000,000 x 3




    $3,000,000 x 10


    25 (e.g. signing all teams above Alliance)


    $3,000,000 x 25



    $300,000,000 (only 10M subs – the hundred millions/billions of gamers)

    $3,000,000 x 100

    This is just the deals with these teams based on 100,000 fans each – if teams are able to get more then the recurring revenue both parties receive also increases dramatically.Further it doesn’t sponsorships, advertising or Mogul’s own direct users.

    Further it wouldn’t surprise me that there couldbe varying revenue sharing models where teams who sign up quickly will get50/50 share but as Mogul grows it might become 60/40 or potentially 70/30 inMogul’s favour. This would not only encourage more teams to sign on quickly but also reward teams for choosing Mogul in the earlier on compared to a ‘let’s wait and see’. Afterall there is no to very little cost for the team but can be potentially huge upside.

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