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I would have at a guess that VIPs will get more perks such as...

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    I would have at a guess that VIPs will get more perks such as first access to register to certain tournaments including the free ones, discount entry, they already get an additional 10% on prize money - they could add in monthly giveaways sure.

    They were also thinking of making esport elite VIPs only (IIRC) and they may bring it back as a VIP thing in the future but it was a real money burn without having any real reason to become VIP. I could also see if they did bring back the esport elite, VIPs may get 2x points or say 3 free lives a week/month without ruining their score, or even this is the prize if you are a free person and this is the prize for 3 month member/6/12/24/36 etc... E.g. 1st place (which is hard to get) might get on Free 100,000 Razer Silver, but a 3 month member might get $200 with 6 month having $500 etc. However only one prize will be awarded so there isnt a 1st place for each type so if the free member won they got 100,000 RS OR it would be a 12 month member getting $800?

    These wouldn't exclude 'free' people but also rewards/incentives people to join VIP and remain VIP...

    Obviously it is easy to describe some solutions but building the technology to accommodate it would also likely impact which direction as doing 2x points for VIP would be a lot easier than prizes based on how many months the person has subscribed for.

    Mogul - happy to be paid a retainer here lol
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