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Niloony, i am also a VIP of the service as i win prize money...

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    Niloony, i am also a VIP of the service as i win prize money e.g. that $25 win would only be $22.5 without VIP so it covered 1/2 the month fee.

    However you have missed the whole point entirely of what Mogul is doing/has done.

    They have developed a platform where gamers can play the games they like and to win prizes - this encourages people to come and play but also allows gaming companies to come to Mogul to utilise the database.

    For example do you think Wizards of the Coast who do Magic online (competitor to Hearthstone) would allow Blizzard access to their users to do marketing to? Absolutely not as this would be detrimental to their organisation and future revenue potential. However in this example if Blizzard came to Mogul and said we are going to launch Hearthstone OR we want to increase our userbase what can you offer there is a couple of ways Blizzard can pay Mogul with varying costs but lets keep it simple;

    1. Run a tournament (one off, weekly, month long, monthly tournament, qtr or even yearly?).
    2. Market to certain demographic (location, age, games VERIFIED).
    4. Market to whole database.
    2. Run a tournament (see point 1) and we market to a certain demographic (location, age, games VERIFIED).
    5. Run a tournament (see point 1) and we market to whole database.

    This is isn't just for the game developers but also anyone who wants to market to the to this demographic being mainly males 15-40 yo - which I cannot find an article supporting it quickly but is one of the hardest demographic to advertise to to market to as they watch little commercial TV, rarely read newspapers (last time i bought a newspaper was the birth of my second child - still read news), rarely buy a magazine (check your local news agent for appropriate content for an 17 yo boy... (Dirty minds get out).

    So yes WHILST Mogul gave away a $170 keyboard (it was done by redeeming Razer Silver which we don't know the buy price of the silver so it could be they spent maybe $50 for the silver they gave to me however they received $15 (3 month member) but it also gave them another person to leverage in their discussions with marketing/sponsors etc. Just to win a tournament you can hardly get anything from Razer with it - you need to play for about a month getting semi decent results to actually get a mouse or keyboard. Obviously the better you are the quicker it happens but for an average person it could be a month.

    I have spent more money on/with Mogul then I have on FaceBook... However Facebook makes more money than Mogul... Strange that...

    I know as a user that with Mogul I am their product just as much as their database/platform - without one you cannot have the other. They got the platform and users now they are ramping up to get money and so far targeting 3M by Q3 2020 (announced a 6M revenue split 50/50 last week).
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