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why it deserves to be a 20 bagger

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    The most ominous signal is the lack of potential JV's. Ya gotta ask yourself;

    If Puntland is as prospective as we believe, why aren't those majors that were in Puntland in the early 90's knocking on Range's door?????

    KNOC did the D/D and didn't go ahead.

    Why did Range then have to sell the farm?

    If it's that damn good, why aren't the majors fighting each other for a slice of "The Last Major Hydrocarbon Field" on earth.

    Makes you wonder?

    However …………………………….

    IF, and it's a huge IF, Range get Canmex over the line ..... it will prove that a major of international standing also believes that production is possible in Puntland.

    Shortly we'll know. Still doesn’t address why the lack of international interest for a measly $50mil, which is peanuts.

    You either go broke, or the FPO's go to 8 cents short term ..... 10 cents????? ..... with the oppies right up their clacker.

    Add the AIM/Dubia listing and the first drill !?!?!?!

    It's deservedly a 20 bagger ...........
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