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Calmyourtatas .. just asked me if there was a way I could be...

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    Calmyourtatas .. just asked me if there was a way I could be contained in my own thread again , so I thought .. yeah why not .. so I tried scrolling Down to my old place Weebit Poll but it's so long ago I thought I would leave it be , and open a fresh new place with the simple question ??

    Why is Weebit Nano such a valuable share , even though currently it only sits at $2.30 .
    For the answer to that you have to go back to it's inception and ask yourself a series of questions beginning with WHY ?

    So Why was this potential world transforming company back door listed on the only exchange in the world I'm led to believe that allows this practice .. through the shell of an unsuccessful mining company and listed as a penny stock Four years ago ??

    Why do average chartists not familiar with the four year history of this company get confused with the prior history of the mining company RAD mining if they look at ten years of historical charts instead , could that be a form of camouflage ??

    Why did a respected leader like Dadi Permutter forego the top job at Intel FOUR years ago to be the leader of this little obscure company , sneakily listed on the ASX without any fanfare and with limited cash . ??

    Why did the seed investors on the first signs of this share appreciating in price from 2c to 8c in the old money sell down their share in the company for no apparent reason ? This had the effect of killing the share price back to under 2c and making it look unloved for a very long time ? Was this orchestrated ? If so why ?
    Why when this company was hitting virtually every technical milestone along the way were they never able to raise cash , capital raising were all poorly supported .. if the tech was proving doable even though still risky . WHY ??

    Luckily we had the lifeline of the Leti partnership and the French Government tax rebates , that was fortuitous .. wasn't it ?

    Why was the company listed as a penny stock when it was super high risk but when the risk dissolved with the tech being achievable and the specs being absolutely mind blowing did they the decide to consolidate 25 to 1 per share , and leave such a small registry of 67 million shares .. Why ? Could it be that they were gearing up for the mother of capital raisings FOUR times over subscribed and they took it all..and free gifts in the form of oppies to the lucky cashed up original investors . ??

    Why was our share price on such a steep ascent from that point , some might say uncontrollable and then another cap raise was called at around $2.45 with $9 million to sophisticated investors and a measly.. capped $3 million spp priced at $1.70 that had the effect of dragging the shareprice back to $1.75 , and had a lot of unaware newbie investors losing their share of this potential gem of a business . Why ?? Did we need that extra $3 million ?? I doubt it !

    Why has this company , a little minnow on the ASX assembled arguably the best , most accomplished , experienced board of directors ever assembled in a semiconductor company .. possibly ever ? WHY ??

    Why as we have the best deal makers , business connections through our management , the best fully validated , tested , approved product that is made of the same material as every former memory chip made in recent history .. why when we are fully cashed up , fully safe as a business vehicle .. why is our share going so far in reverse of our share price highs that we are now seen as one of the top percentage losers on the ASX in the last week ??? WHY ?? when every fundamental points to the opposite ??

    Why did the trade I placed of $1.8 million that should have pushed the share price over a dollar at least and take an hour to fill .. why did it get filled in 10 minutes and move the share price just a few cents .. WHY ??
    Why was there a trade placed the following day for exactly the same amount for a sell and it wasn' t me WHY??

    Why has this share been sold off so hard recently , triggering technical stop losses and making the unaware herd bail and try to protect their capital .. WHY ??

    The share price right now is simply a manipulated illusion in my opinion , not within a bulls roar of its true value . But the thing is ASX Tech Dumb investors have no idea how to price this thing .??

    I do , hence my reason for having my whole family invested ,and my friends and myself to the tune of over half a million dollars .
    Ask yourself .. after reading this .. WHY is this Weebit Nano share so valuable ??
    If this was listed on the Nasdaq tomorrow with every facet of this business technically Perfect what do you think this hidden on the ASX gem would be worth ??

    I believe it's full history and the the fact it was sneakily back door listed on the TECH DUMB ASX tells the full story of this Future Monster Shares true value .
    If you can't see that after this post then I truly cannot help you .

    Finally from the managements mouthpiece Coby Hanoch .
    Our target market is Every Electronics Device in The Next Five Years..
    I don't doubt they will achieve this , which would make this Extraordinary Business how Valuable ??
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