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why is this stock so attractive

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    Hi, By way of introduction, I am notmoreshares wife. Most of our portfolio is in blue chips and speculative mining stocks and we are looking to diversify into other sectors eg; medical, but know very little about them.

    I have reviewed all the hotcopper posts on Karmelsonix, as well as recent announcements and the company's website.

    I am at a loss to understand what basis everyone has for their excitement about this stock. I haven't been able to find any information anywhere about their cashflow position, or forecasts about their profit potential. As far as I can see, the company's own website is technically focused and not aimed at investors at all.

    I have read a lot of hype from people calling this stock a ten bagger etc but I just don't know what basis they have for this. Am I missing something here? I know the price has performed strongly in the last month since the announcement re trials and a roadshow in Europe, but do we have any indication that the price has a basis for being at 14c, or is it likely to fall back to where it was before the announcements ie 3c?

    If you could shed some light I would appreciate it, thanks.
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