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Guys, Iwish you all well in your investment in APT.What I’m...

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    Guys, Iwish you all well in your investment in APT.

    What I’m aboutto say most will have no idea.

    It goeslike this and I quote “As your investment in any stock that goes above tens ofdollars, your free capital decreases in Value” Unquote.

    You can alluse your buddy Mr Cafe86 as an example.

    Mr Cafepurchased 70,000 shares @$12.99 =$909,300

    APT shareprice today is $25.60.

    If Mr Cafedecides to buy another 70,000 shares at today’s price, he will have to now find$1,792,000 dollars.

    This is thepoint for which none of you will get. Everyone, including the largest fund onthe planet has x sum of money, and as per example, as the share price increasesyour capital to invest in this company decreases!

    As I have statedbefore, I’m not anti APT as a business, what I am negative towards is thecurrent share price as it stands right now. Its way to high (For my growth asan investment) has been taken away from the majority of blue collar workers onthe planet, never mind Australians.

    Unfortunately,I’m a David J Schwartz student, so when a share becomes greater than my capitalto invest, I watch on with interest.

    Mr Cafe hadother opportunities, if he was weighing up the above value.

    Instead ofbuying into APT at $12.99, he could have used my formulae and invested wherehis money could nearly double the amount in share price appreciation. I willeven use the same industry as an example. Example as follows:

    ZIP boughtbetween December 2018 & January 2019. $909,300 / 1.10 ave =826,636 shares.

    826,636shares x ZIP price $3.52 ea = $2,909,758

    Same amountof money, same time frame, but nearly double the return.

    Now Karcus,now you know where I am and why.

    Good Luck.

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