Why is Jeff Kennett seeming promoting fake news???? Who is he protecting??

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    The problem with this article is Kennett took offence to Mr Andrews’ comments, writing: “Mr Premier, your language today was so disrespectful of all those families who have no alternative but to put their elderly in care. And their carers.“Hopefully you will have a choice with your mother. Others do not. Sadly you are so divorced from the community you lead.

    Now the trouble with this supposed comment is every family has a choice!!! Everyone. Kennet is incorrect. We are not talking about nursing homes we are talking about aged care facilities. These elderly do not need to go into them, they can receive support through other means easily. Is Kennett promoting fake news as a consequence??

    Is this typical of a president preceding over a club accused by systematic rorting to win premierships in its golden era in the 1980's to 90's according to some mentioning past stakeholders where the architects apparently are all dead?? Presumably Kennedy was one of the architects since he died recently after being made a legend of the AFL????

    So how far does it run with people having fingers in the pie screwing over the elderly and taxpayers??
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