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  1. Bev
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    I must confess I have questioned my sanity many times in the past 10 years. I hold far too many shares for my own good but believe now is make or break time for the Company. There are those who have become extremely frustrated by the slow progress and there are those who still see the huge potential.

    I am a glass half full person so am in the second camp. I still see the company as cash flow positive by June. We need $12M in revenue to meet the stated target of $18m this year. With expenses probably around $4M to $5M per quarter we should achieve that.

    My reasons for remaining invested which I remind myself of from time to time are.

    TZL is operating in a huge worldwide market.
    It is not just a one product company - Currently two income streams IXP and PAD
    The lockers concept covers Postal, concierge and day lockers
    There are potentially huge markets for new applications. eg healthcare and automotive
    There is likely to be exponential growth leading to a high PE. I don't believe the market yet knows how to value TZL
    Clip the ticket annuity revenue will cover costs
    It is a superior product than that of competitors
    Products are competitively priced
    Customers are AAA rated. ie no bad debts
    TZL has no debt itself
    We are told TZ is in discussions with potential partners. A deal here could have a significant impact
    There is the ability to licence the software to third parties for royalty income
    We operate in the next big technology sphere - "the internet of things"

    My fears are however
    We get taken over before full potential reached.
    Continued shareholder dilution
    the number of shares currently on issue.

    I do have confidence in the Board. I am confident announcements will be made soon that will render the SPP viable. Some holders see 2015 as TZ's year. I am one of them.
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