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why i like mikoh corporation

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    I like Mikoh because its a sexy name. I like the directors because they issued themselves 1 million free options each last year with a 20 cent ex. price and a whopping beautiful 5 year year lifespan. I am always looking for companies where the directors take care of themselves. I like Mikoh because the Board is so stable, same directors for donkey's years despite the really really pathetic share price. I like Mikoh because they pay themselves good healthy salaries despite the fact that the company never seems to have enough money.
    I like Mikoh because despite the many many deals they have announced they have never actually been able to conlcude one to a satisfactory result. I like Mikoh because every time the price runs up a few cents you can sell knowing full well with 100% certainty (track record) that you can buy back in 12 months later at a fraction of the price. Yes it may not be investment potential but you can make a few cents trading profit every year if you are extremely patient. I like Mikoh because they keep making placements at very low prices to nice people that support the share price!!
    Yeah this is a lovely company, leaves one and all with a nice warm cuddly fuzzy wuzzy feeling.
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