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why i am a shareholder

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    These are my own reasons, and please read the important line below my signature, why I am a shareholder in this stock:

    1. While it is likely that other laterite miners are high grading their resource to get them through the tough first few years, even if HRR 'high grades' they do have about 40m tonnes at 1.5% or higher NI out of the 107.6m tonnes at 1.24% NI and 0.09% Co out of the 400m tonnes resource at a cut off grade of 0.75% NI.

    2. The inground ore value is worth about AUD 20bio and could rise more with more drealling during the pre and feasibility studies.

    3. East of Conngarie the tenements are highly prospective due to the Barton techonic shear zone.

    4. A possible quick spin off (Chairman address at AGM) of the highly propseptvive nickel sulphide projects or JV or even a single VMS strike would sent the stock roaring.

    5. Other possible spins off would be: Mineral sands (most likely in meduim term); Shale oil (most unlikely for now); Regent Resources (most likely short term); Iron Ore (most unlikely but a possibility).

    6. If the Chinnesse commit the $40m for the feasibilioty study then they should afford another $50m or higher to buy HRR 50% share of NKNP. With HRR trading at 15cents the share price can triple or quadriple quickly.

    7. If the Chinese do not decide by Dec-31 cut off date, then other players could potentaiily enter the market for the Coongarie Ore body, such as ANL (post restructuring), Glencore - a possibility because post restructing they would virtually own Murin-Murin; OMG -most unlikely due to reported difficulties by the press, etc etc etc ...

    8. OMG may decide to throw in the towel at Cawse, and 'sell' the ore body at a nominal cost to HRR in lieu of HRR issuing shares to OMG. The result would be that HRR would control virtually all of the highly prospective Walter William Formation, thus commanding a higher asking price for its disposal, cause the global resource would be some 700m tonnes and could rise with drilling.

    9. Even if HRR high grades its ore body it still has about 30 years of high grade ore producing some 45,000 tonnes of NI, and not to mention the Co.

    10. Buying HRR shares at below 15cents it is just buying their dollar notes for 15 cents.

    11. If Ni breaks the US$7,500/t it could head towards the US$10,000/t which is a multi year multi decade high and if this level is broken it could head towards US$20,000/t.

    12. Nickel Sulphides ore bodies are been exchausted at a faster pace than one is found and there are not many long term life sulphide ore mines out there.

    13. Even if noting happens re NKNP, the value of the ore would increase significanlty in future years, I can put up with this becasue I could potentially receive free shares in Regent and the Nickel Sulphide spin off as well as mineral sands in the mean time.

    14. It would be interesting to see who buys WMC nickel offering!!

    15. HRR' technicalls are not that crash hot at the moment but the fundamentals imply value. Neverthesless, weekly closes above 14.5cents and not much trading below 13cents are most important for now.

    16. I can sleep at night owning this stock like I can sleep if I owned any other stock.

    17. A direct comparison with BHP Raventhrope deposit which they bought for AUD$68m impleis that HRR's Coongarie is worth more than that becasue it is of higher grade, more tonneage and within a stone throw of infrastructure. So when couple of years the experts put a fair price of about 86cents, which is about 6 fold higher than current price, one must think that there may be value in this company.

    18. It is not a matter as 'IF it hapens' it is a matter for 'WHEN it would happen'.

    19. In the meantime the stock can be trading at 15cents next year but the exception would be is that the in-ground ore would be more vaulable as time goes by.

    20. Lastly but not least the HRR team are just superb.


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