why hasnt this been considered....

  1. Yak
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    OK there's been violence and conflict between the parties in Israel for ages.

    The advocates and supporters of the suicide bombers - suggest the oppressed, subjugated, dis-enfranchised down-trodden Palies are justified in what they do.

    Now - if the above is correct which I dont for a momnet accept....

    ...it sounds to me as if the war has been fought and WON by the Israelis.

    Now - as a convention that has applied down thru the ages - when one peolpe are beaten by a superior force they......

    They sue for peace.

    Then the parties move on to either another conflict or a new phase where there is a conglomeration, assimilation and adaptation by both sides.

    And yes - surrender would stick in the craw of many (probaly me) but it is what has been done 1,000's and 1,000's of times down thru the ages

    Germany and Japan did it
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