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    Hi DoL,

    I have been trying to download the Independent Geologists Report and the Prospectus without any success. I will keep trying.

    A couple of things:

    Roads are mixed blessing. It lowers logistic costs enormously and (as they state) permits the use of bulldozers and excavators for trenching for trenching. On Lihir we used bulldozers, but on Tatau and Simberi hand trenching as it provided local employment. However it makes the site much more accessable for the locals. In Indonesia we purposely did not put in roads to stop locals coming into our exploration site.

    If you have high rainfall and steep topography it can an ongoing job keeping the road open. Roads we put in in Indonesia were 4WD, but often I found a 2WD minibus stuck and blocking the road.

    We also had more visits from govt people which is not a good a good thing. Often they would just turn up causing accomodation problems if we were full. They were not interested in what we were doing, just a free holiday and food.

    You don't want too high grade material nor large nuggets. If the grades recovered are reasonable and the gold nuggety then it will attract more local miners.

    The ash cover is interesting. This can result in an enriched zone beneath the ash cover (it protects the ore from erosion but permits secondary enrichment). I have been trying to find its age. As it is draped over the existing topography it must be relatively recent.

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