why gb shouldn't attack iraq

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    If George Bush's main concern in attacking Iraq is to protect America and its allies from a terrorist attack triggered with the help of Iraq, then this war will back fire.

    Honestly wont the US increase its chances of a terrorist attack in its homeland if it attacks Iraq?

    I strongly believe that if the US attacks Iraq the US will suffer more casualties then if they didn't.

    This is a premptive strike "lets strike them before they strike us". But doesn't the fool GB think for one minute that if provoked the US will have a greater chance of been attacked by terrorists.

    If the US invades Iraq thousands upon thousands of rebels from Chechna, Palestine, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan etc will come to the aid of the Iraqis.

    The US will have a big problem which will not go away easily.

    Is the US chewing more than it can swollow? I think so.

    The Iraqis will never give up and this war will be against US interests in the short and long term, especially if they don't get the oil.
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