why fence in the tigers?

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    Why Fence in the Tigers?
    by Arlene Peck
    Aug 24, '03 / 26 Av 5763

    Sometimes I allow myself to be lulled into that false sense of fantasy that so many of us like to live in. There was even a time when I listened to President Bush and felt a twinge of faith in his words. I even felt a little sorry for my columns about him (e.g., “Like Father, Like Son”). After all, didn’t he say we have a war on terrorism and a terrorist is a terrorist, etc.? But that was before I felt that he spoke with forked tongue and it was going to be a case of “Do as I say, not as I do.”

    I feel like Charlie Brown with the football that Lucy always withdrew just when he thought he was going to make the kick. Lately, though, George W. has been using the carrot and stick method. On one side of his mouth he talks about what a friend we have in Jesus and Israel. Then, on the other side, he dispatches emissaries to go on television to tell us how disappointed and angry he is with the "fence", which somehow is an obstacle to peace. Gee, wasn’t that the mantra that his father used to repeat about the "settlements" and Shamir? Whatever. The whole situation has just gotten out of hand.

    Hamas, a violent terrorist group, is referred to as an organization whose havoc needs to be negotiated. They are never described as the animals they are, but as "fighters", "militants" or "senior Hamas leaders", as though they were part of some yuppie organization just doing their job. As of late, they seem to be the favored form of terrorists. Recently, the Bush administration assured them that they wouldn’t be targeted for elimination in the war against terrorism. Instead, when they’re out there bombing Israeli civilians, Secretary of State Colin Powell goes on camera and says, "The United States would continue to seek dialogue to persuade Hamas and the other Palestinian insurgency groups to end their attacks on Israel." Powell continued, “Such an approach has been part of the U.S.-led war against terrorism and efforts to reach peace between Israel and the Palestinians."

    Pu-lease.... Do any of you see any trace of doublespeak here? Aren’t we here in America weakening Israel in the eyes of the Arabs? Each time Bush mouths the words of the State Deptartment, he weakens Israel and strengthens terrorism. If this were reversed, there is no way we in America would accept such a situation – “making nice” to Hamas and other terrorist organizations. Yet, almost without question, Ariel Sharon and his incompetent and self-serving colleagues are doing just that.

    Recently, someone sent me the following about the fence: "The border security fence is comprised of many sections totaling scores of miles. Some sections are concrete, others sheet metal. The barrier is three layers deep in parts, fifteen feet high and surrounded by razor wire. The area around it is lit by spotlights, monitored by cameras, motion detectors and magnetic sensors, and patrolled by armed guards with attack dogs. But enough about the USA border with Mexico. Let's talk about Israel."

    Why is there a difference between Israel’s terrorists and ours? We capture prisoners and nobody forces us to open the jails and let them out in the interest of "peace". Why are our fences any better than theirs? However, there is one important difference. The ones in Israel are built to keep out vicious murderers who want to sneak into the country.

    That, folks, tells it all to me. If it were up to me, we would be removing American soldiers from all those countries that don’t want us; starting with France and Germany. Let’s deploy these troops along our border with Mexico to keep out the thousands of illegal immigrants. And they are only coming in to get better jobs and to be on our welfare rolls.

    The people from Tijuana aren’t jumping over the fence to kill us. Why should Israel even be criticized for protecting its civilians? Because it is Jews who are being slaughtered? Can anyone logically explain to me why Israel shouldn’t be encouraged to do everything in its power to prevent Palestinian homicide bombers from sneaking into Israel to do their damage? Is there a reason that the Bush administration can’t accept the fact that terrorist infiltration comes from the West Bank? This, properly, is where the barrier is being erected. Gaza already has one in place and that is the reason why terrorists haven’t been coming in from that hell-hole to commit mass murder. There is a sound reason why the fence is snaking along the Trans-Israel Highway. That’s where the Palestinian killers have been taking shots at Israelis.

    These aren’t the kinds of neighbors where it is possible to have a "mutual understanding.” I relate them to a day at the zoo. I walk into the tiger and lion house and marvel at how nice they seem sitting in the sun and walking around. Yet, not for a minute do I wish to consider what it could be like without bars to separate me from them. Without those bars, I know I’d probably never walk out of there alive. It’s good to have a mutual understanding that they stay there and I stay on my side of the fence.

    In this American-imposed Roadmap to Auschwitz, is Israel really expected to free all the incarcerated terrorists to do what they might have missed the first time around? After which, incidentally, even though there is nothing in the Roadmap about a fence or releasing prisoners, Israel is still made a target of criticism for the crime of defending its beleaguered citizens.

    The Roadmap pretty much says what is supposed to be done. Yet, for some reason, the Bush administration continues to add addenda and to accommodate Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas, also known as... etc. etc.; hey, we're dealing with a man who can’t even make up his mind what his name is. So is it any wonder that Abbas keeps making new unjustifiable demands? As Arafat’s wonder boy, he feels he has the support of our government?
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