Why Fairfax is flushing down the Caroma

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    From today's SMH.

    They have an entertainment reporter - looks like a boy aged about 16 named Michael Lallo. Lucky if he can tie his shoe laces. Intellect of a house plant. Anyway they let him report not only on entertainment, but political matters - that's right, a boy, more used to nothing more complex than the Kardashians. A lightweight

    ScreenHunter_343 Jul. 19 22.20.jpg
    Anyway, here's his in depth take on Sonia Kruger's plea for a free expression on immigration:

    This juvenile fruitcake isn't just loopy and intolerant, he's exactly the reason why Fairfax is going down the gurgler. Why isn't he confined to how nice Taylor Swift's dresses are instead of branching out into areas his tiny brain is incapable of comprehending and his intellect has absolutely no idea.

    This boy is a first class moron. First class!
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