Why Fairfax is a Basket Case

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    It's like the Fawlty Towers of Oz media (even if a few stalwarts here on HC insist on citing the Age or SMH as authoratative. Of what, who knows. Ask Basil)

    Anyway I had a glimpse at Fridays editorial


    Seriously, who writes this tripe? What school are they at?

    This drivel could be written by SHY's media person. There's a very good reason why illegal queue jumpers and their children are in detention. It has nothing to do with the histrionics this diatribe carries on with and everything to do with the application of the UN Convention which has outlived its usefulness and virtually guarantees residency rights for children once they become integrated into the community. Their parents then get accepted too. Anyone who falls for that guff needs their heads read.

    The best policy is to make going home seem far preferable.

    It seems the same applies to the SMH Editor whose intellectual and political nous is tissue thin. Fortunately, Moŕrison stopped the rot.
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