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Why Em1 is the best stock to be in right now.

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    There has been a lot of down ramping on this stock lately.

    I've made this thread so we can discuss the overwhelming positives about this stock.

    Em1's partnership with Crowd1 owned Miggster will be a revolutionary gaming platform.

    If you haven't seen the launch video I strongly suggest you watch it.

    Their business model of inviting others to earn rewards and getting paid on the ones they invite is one of if not the best examples of how this company will grow exponentially.

    The games offered are of exquisite quality
    The subscription is reasonably priced
    Crowd1 partner has an extraordinary reputation for delivering products to customer.

    I personally cannot wait for Miggster to be out of Beta testing and watch the share price explode!

    I really hope they have my favorite HTML game in their portfolio with their competitive leaderboard structure.


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