why don't you........hotcopper team

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    Just a silly thought.

    Why don't you remove/delete/terminate all the nicks/wallflowers/imposters/brokers that have not contributed in any way,shape or form to Hotcopper over the last month and continue to do so until you get rid of all the hanger's on. If you did this on a continual basis, once these people re registered, we, the people/animals/neandethals out here could see who in actual fact is a contributer and who is a ramper/wallflower/no good. I'm sure that this would clean up the site a bit as well as improve the content on the site.


    when everybody joins up, get their credit card details and charge them for being the wallflowers that they are. If they don't post within the month, bill their credit card $5.00. This way we will know as well who is legit and who is hanging on by just posting a few times to save their cash.

    By also only regestering those with a real email address(linked to an isp) again, I am sure that would cut out multiple nickers.

    Thes are only my views, consult your doctor if pain persists.
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