Why Doesn`t Israel Desist and be Annihilated?, page-5

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    At first, I could not understand why Hamas would make such a strategic blunder, as they are surrounded and blockaded.

    But after some thoughts, I think its Iran sending a message to Israel (using Hamas as its proxies) to stop its attacks against Iranian scientists and nuclear facilities inside Iran.

    For Iran, it costs them a bit of money. The rockets can be replenished anyway.

    For Hamas, they will be able to gain prestige, as Palestinian will see them as "defender" of their rights and faith; the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

    Netanyahu will project himself as the strong man protecting Israelis, and will secure another 2 terms as PM of Israel.

    Fatah will become irrelevant after this - most of its members will join Hamas or Islamic Jihad.

    Until the next cycle.

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