Why does Abbott need 6 mths?

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    This dysfunctional government continues with no one able to explain what procedure is used to buy the new submarines

    There was a report prior to the spill motion where Abbott had promised the SA firm that loused up the Collins that they had a chance if they voted against the spill

    Another  news report that the deal has already been signed with Japan

    He does not need 6 months, just a quick series of meetings over the next week should be enough to show a new direction.

    If the Libs do not know where they went wrong there is no hope for them

    DEFENCE routinely uses a process like competitive evaluation to buy equipment, a senior bureaucrat says, as the government struggles to explain how it will apply to the acquisition of new submarines.
    They're making it up on the run," he told reporters in Canberra of the government's position.
    "No one in the department knows what they're talking about."

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