why do all these loonies oppose war

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    All these anti-war demonstrations across the world are absolutely pathetic.

    These idiots want the Iraq regime to remain intact indefinately.Look what happened in Afghanistan post war,Afghanis shaving their beards,dancing in the streets,turning on the music and tv,women uncovering,children now receiving an education for the first time.America disposing of the Taliban was the best thing to happen to Afghanistan and to every Afghani.

    Now the same MUST happen in Iraq.Hussein must be disposed of the same way the Taliban was.Hussein shot his way to the top,if anyone got in his way,he`d shoot them.He`s gassed his own people,spent MILLIONS on arms instead of education,killed his own sons in law,had his own women raped,had the tongue cut out of his own men,blown up oilfields in Kuwait and countless atrocities of neighboring countries and is about to blow up his own oilfields.

    He runs his regime,based on "vote for me or die" giving the Iraqi people absolutely no choice but to "simply exist" his way or die.

    I have never been pro-war in my life until now,after seeing what post Taliban Afghanistan has achieved for the Afghanis.I know what the post Hussein regime will mean for the Iraqis.

    I understand that a lot of Iraqis will lose their life in all of this,but that is Husseins fault,NOT AMERICAS.

    The way i see it is the amount of Iraqis that lose their lives now will be less than if Hussein stays in power for the next 10- 20 years.

    This will mean a much better way of life in the long run for all Iraqis for generations to come.

    Bring it on,he MUST be stopped.THERE IS NO ALTERNATIVE.

    I know i will be flamed by the idiots for this.

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