SSN 0.00% 1.5¢ samson oil & gas limited

why didnt the land buyer purchase ssn?

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    Interesting thought, at the current prices and even more value at the SPP price.

    Why wouldn't the land buyer (being in the oil game) just do a take over of SSN on market rather than shell out nearly the Market Cap of the company right now.

    - Do an on Market Bid
    - Pay off debt, presto, you now have the whole field and also Braken
    - You have cash flow and wells producing and cash in bank after SSP
    - You don't need to pay royalty's to SSN moving forward

    Food for thought, but what I am getting at is all the above shows clearly this is under valued.

    I am sure you are thinking right now, they wouldn't buy it on market because they would be paying way more to buy it on Market than 8-10 cents a share ;-)

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Currently unlisted public company.

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