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why cer up and cnp down any theory

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    CER up 4.92% today and CNP down 5.05% today.

    why? my theory is;

    we know GS bought 5% of CER last wk, and there are alot of buying this wk too, so far we dont know who yet but there is something goin on.

    anyway Shouldnt CNP go up and on CER buy up? however it is not the case. so what is happening?

    My theory is that since CNP own 51% of CER, may be whoever buying CER up want to keep CNP so they can accumulate more so in the end they will have holding in both co. at a relative cheap entry so that if CER is abt to get an offer... give them a better leverage as well.....CER is in play? very possible.

    anyway hope it is true so the cnp holder will rip the benefit


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