Why can't the Coalition save voters $0,000's

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    Just declare they are chasing down the debt culprits and bneficiaries that caused economic terror on the Australian landscape.

    I mean interest rates should be heading to 15% to tighten everyones' belts in the pending global crisis but we can't afford to because of these massive debts position.

    The RBA brought rates down to 2.25%.

    2.25%!!!! WTF!!!!!

    Are we looking down the barrel or what!!!!

    I can't see myself spending for the next 2 years to prepare for the downturn we are facing due to these massive interest bills and weak currency position.

    I can't buy houses because they are too expensive and our house debt position is biblical and stocks are on a knife edge.

    Not sure what to do with my small funds at the moment.

    The economy is high risk atm so any funds I have will be well clear of any carnage in Australian activity atm until I know accountability and responsibility has returned I have have some confidence as to where I can put my cash !
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