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    The pros are getting set buying unwanted stocks that are being trashed by investors.

    1) WPO - Winepros control has now changed hands at .024 cents, floated at $ 1.00 during tech boom.!!!!!!!!!

    2) ESH E- Shares Corporation is changing hands at .05 cents floated at $1.00 during the tech boom. Will change name after AGM!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3) EZI Ezyimage changing hands at .022 floated at .25 during tech boom, interesting because it still has cash, and selling below cash backing. A play is shaping up 800,000 done in the last few days 42,000,000 on issue.!!!!!!!!

    4) AMV Alamain Inv, was up 166 % today at one stage interesting.!!!!!!!!!!!

    5) OLA Online Advantage, control has changed , Rivkin is set for whatever unfolds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Lots of potential, just do your home work.

    Email me if you want a copy of my small cap list

    [email protected]

    Good Trading
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